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The Interim Manager and the 'suspicion' of Executives

One year after the pandemic was officially declared, we see that, in addition to the unfortunate loss of life for thousands of people, companies - regardless of size - are faced with a scenario that, depending on the line of business, it will have been negatively and / or financially impacted.

This is how - probably - they have had to adopt and adapt some, or many, of their business models in order to survive. I'm not just talking about remote work or foray into e-commerce overnight.

Currently, it is likely that many companies are clear about what they should do to face the challenges that are coming in 2021. This is the point at which, as a firm, it is convenient to analyze whether the team we have has the necessary resources to move forward. One of the most important resources is executive talent. It is normal that, as a result of the situation experienced during the last year, the teams and collaborators have penetrated or deepened in areas where they had no place before. For example, the restructuring of operations, the opening or closing of business lines, new distribution channels, infrastructure and technological services, etc. It is in these circumstances that the support of an Interim Manager can make a difference. So, why are not they used here as they are used in other countries

In many cases, the answer is the fear or suspicion that the management team can feel by the presence of an Interim Manager inside the company. The best way to control these feelings is to explain in a clear and timely manner the presence of that person as a member of the management team. If everyone knows the goal to be achieved or the situation to be solved, by the Interim Manager, the time he/she will be with the company, and how his/her participation will benefit the company in general, there should be no fear.

On the other hand, the Interim Managers have not only the necessary skills and competencies to do their job, but also the empathy and “soft” skills to perform successfully. Their reputation and future employability depend on that.

Put this way, those companies that are requiring some executive support that they do not have available at the moment, dare to try the services of an Interim Manager, a well-proved efficient, and profitable option.


Author: Jose Torres-Llosa, Partner of Amrop Latin America



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