Executive Search Services

Our Context Driven approach to executive search helps our clients find Leaders For What's Next - top talent, adept at working across borders in markets around the world.


Amrop researchers assess market availability, use comparative benchmarking and find candidates who not only have the required experience and expertise but are the correct cultural fit with the organization. A senior Amrop partner is involved in every search assignment until its successful completion.

To ensure the effectiveness of multi-country and international search assignments, Amrop leverages the strength of its global network. Typically, a project team comprises consultants from countries where the search is being conducted and who understand both the local and global context in which the search will take place.  Multi-country assignments are coordinated by a lead consultant who acts as the primary interface with the client.


Search Process 

Our process includes the following steps:

Search Kick Off

  • Understanding of the culture, situation, strategic moment and Client’s needs.


  • A specific search strategy is drawn up and agreed with the client.
  • Potential candidates are thoroughly screened: qualifications, past performance, motivation, strengths and weaknesses.

Presentation to Client and Amrop Interviews

  • A list of qualified candidates together with brief profiles is usually presented to the client along with recommendations of those who best meet the specifications.
  • Selected candidates are brought forward to competency based in-depth interviews.

Amrop Reports and Client Interviews

  • Delivery of finalist candidates’ reports.
  • Interview of final candidates with The Client.
  • Extensive and formal reference checks are undertaken to confirm finalist candidate’s career achievements.

Amrop Reports and Client Interviews

  • Selection of the winning candidate by The Client.
  • Presentation of the job offer letter.
  • Negotiation and hiring of the winning candidate.

Transition Coaching

  • Added value supporting the process of integration and adaptation of the executive to the new role and culture of the organization.
  • Delivered by independent professionals with corporate experience and members of international coaching associations.