Following the quest for energy-efficiency, the automotive sector is facing a new phase of innovation, as V2V communications and the driverless car emerge as a means to reduce the human and financial costs of traffic collisions in an increasingly crowded space.

Amrop brings to the Automotive sector dedicated expertise in executive search and talent management to secure Leaders For What’s Next - the professionals critical to ensuring that transformative product concepts meet current and future purchasing expectations and gain optimal access to market.

Always context driven, we utilize our deep industry knowledge and understanding of the specific needs and goals of each client to identify and attract the most high-performing and successful individuals. To achieve this, we work seamlessly across the globe to present candidates with the capacity to enable companies to plan, initiate and execute their objectives with agility, efficiency and sustainability.

Our extensive experience in conducting strategic searches in the sector has equipped us with an unrivalled understanding of its multiple opportunities and challenges.

Amrop’s work within the Automotive sector is configured to meet leadership demands in the following functions:

  • Board, C-suite and General Management
  • Commercial Executives
  • Key Business Enabling Function Leaders
  • Operations and Supply Chain Leaders
  • R&D and Key Engineering Leaders