Energy, encompassing oil and gas, nuclear and green technologies, remains one of the most active global sectors. In an industry that depends on capital flows and is intricately bound into the global economy, continued global turbulence has created both challenges and opportunities.

Challenges abound – including exploration risk, the issue of licenses and increasing regulatory pressures. At the same time, capital flows are shifting as oil and gas resources open up in areas beyond the traditional countries of United States, Russia and China. Africa in particular is entering a golden age of gas. East Africa is the growth engine for natural gas on the continent, while the extraction of large shale gas reserves in South Africa is on the horizon.

Amrop draws on its global partners to guide companies through risk, regulatory and licensing challenges while sourcing executives with the flexibility to succeed in this unpredictable, volatile environment.

Our track record speaks for itself: Over the past eight years, we have conducted more than 300 oil and gas search assignments, more than half of those in Columbia, and the balance spread across all six continents. More than 70% of our search assignments are at board, CEO, C-Suite or senior technical level.