Essential infrastructure – encompassing utilities across road, rail, ports, power, water, waste and telecoms – underpins mature economies and the development of emerging markets.

Governments across the globe understand the need to invest more in infrastructure, and they are looking to the private sector for funding and expertise. This has resulted in greater collaboration and a surge in public-private partnerships.

In emerging markets in particular, Amrop is being called on to navigate talent shortages and supply leadership that has the ability to embrace diverse cultures and stakeholder priorities, while keeping a tight rein on risk management. Amrop has the expertise to provide the top leadership talent needed to meet accelerating growth demands in this fast-changing sector.

Our track record speaks for itself: over the past eight years, we have conducted more than 2,300 search assignments in infrastructure across the globe, on all six continents. Some 40% of our work is executed in utilities, 50% in construction and new infrastructure, and the remainder mainly in steel, cement and other building materials. More than 70% of our search assignments are at board, CEO, C-Suite or senior technical level.