Service that supports senior executives in their professional development in order to achieve benefits for both the individual and the organization. We offer sustainable growth tools that empower the coachee to discover and develop their full professional potential, and define an immediate action plan to direct them towards meeting those goals rapidly.

Stages of the Process

Understanding the Profesional Context

  • Obtain feedback from Board members, C-Suite executives and other relevant stakeholders who interact with the coachee to understand potential growth opportunities.
  • Listen to the coachee’s feedback on their professional performance, and definition of possible areas for improvement.
  • This information will allow us to better manage the Executive Coaching and feedback for the coachee.

Transition Coaching

  • Explore the executive’s current situation with tools that help identify their starting point and the steps that will lead them to fulfill the goals established in the process:
  • Structure an action plan that provides the executive with a clear and objective vision of the necessary resources, how to obtain them and actions to take.

Feedback & Mentoring

  • Delivery of feedback gathered from the main executives involved on the coachee’s performance.
  • Practice skills in real cases, as a tool to provide objective feedback from the perspective of an independent third party.
  • Evaluation of executive’s CV and provide feedback to best display their experience and skills.